We know there’s concern with the current situation and that we are encouraged to follow guidelines about quarantining, but we want to provide an escape for those that want to participate in the original social distancing –camping. We are going to open as scheduled and are accepting reservations April 10th. First, the health and safety of our campers is of utmost importance to us. We care about our guests and our community and want to make sure you know you are welcome here. You are the primary person responsible for your own preparedness in this time of Covid 19. We can NOT guarantee anyone’s safety from any virus or sickness during a visit here. This means you accept the risk for yourself and those you are visiting with.  If you are sick, have medical vulnerabilities or are consider at high risk, PLEASE come at a later date. If this situation has impacted your travel plans or you are feeling unwell, we understand and have also updated our cancellation policy to provide more flexibility. We have and will continue to have a strict standards when it comes to the cleanliness of our property. We anticipate that we will be dealing with this virus for some time, so here are some things we are doing to ramp up our sanitary efforts

  • Shelter in place & Social Distancing (Maintain a safe distance of 6’)
  • No Gatherings at campsites or camp fires (unless you live together)
  • Office is closed to the public. All reservations and payments will be done by phone and Credit Card.
  • Shower House and Laundry is CLOSED
  • Playgrounds are CLOSED
  • Cabins will be CLOSED
  • All events are CANCELLED until further notice.
  • All wood, ice and propane sales are available ( call or text to Order) Connie 765-376-7048 – Mark 765-366-9302 If cash payment, put payment in baggie on picnic table
  • Children are to be with a parent at all times. (Reason) kids don’t understand social distancing
  • Trails and fishing are allowed just remember social distancing
  • Absolutely NO GUESTS
  • If you are SICK STAY HOME!

We are only accepting fully contained units. Social Distancing is a Must. You still have our beautiful trails, our fishing pond ,propane, ice and fire wood services and plenty of fresh air.  As community events are cancelled, we anticipate that more families and individuals will be needing a place to escape outdoors. RVs and campers are your “home away from home,” so if you have to stay home, why not take your “home” somewhere beautiful and breath some fresh air. If there is anything else we need to know, please feel free to send us a message or give us a call after April 10 at 765-672-4301. We have policy in place if you want to see it will be posted at office. We will be providing regular updates via social media/email/texts please make sure you are monitoring our updates on FaceBook.


Mark & Connie Brown